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Yad.Fiz. 27, 724 (1978); Sov.J.Nucl.Phys. 27, 387 (1978)

M.K.Anikina, G.L.Vardenga, A.I.Golokhvastov, M.S.Zhuravleva, V.L.Ilina, E.S.Kuznetsova, Y.Lukstinsh, E.O.Okonov, T.G.Ostanevich, S.A.Khorozov, Y.A.Cherepanov, R.Szwed

Similarity in the Negative-Pion Multiplicity Distribution in Elementary Interactions and in the Interactions 4He + 6Li and 4He + 20Ne

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li, 20Ne(α, π-), E at 18 GeV/c; analyzed experimental multiplicity distributions; deduced similarity with distribution observed in p-p interactions.

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