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Bull.Am.Phys.Soc. 21, No.8, 999, DE9 (1976)

W.H.Dragoset, G.S.Mutchler, J.Hoftiezer, T.Williams, J.Clement, R.D.Felder, J.Hudomalj-Gabitzsch, G.C.Phillips, M.Warneke, L.Y.Lee, B.Mayes, E.V.Hungerford, K.Koester, J.C.Allred

Pion-Nucleus Forward Scattering Amplitudes Near the (3/2), (3/2) Resonance

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 12C, 40,48Ca(π+, π+), (π-, π-), (π+, X), (π-, X), E=120-220 MeV; measured σ(E, θ), total σ(E).

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