Nuclear Science References (NSR)
NSR Reference Paper NIM A 640, 213 (2011)
Database version of February 24, 2024

The NSR database is a bibliography of nuclear physics articles, indexed according to content and spanning more than 100 years of research. Over 80 journals are checked on a regular basis for articles to be included. For more information, see the help page. The NSR database schema and Web applications have undergone some recent changes. This is a revised version of the NSR Web Interface.

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Instructions:  NSR keynumbers have the format YYYYAANN, where YYYY is the publication year, AA is usually (but not always) the first two letters of the first author's last name, and NN is a two-digit or two-letter code assigned to the reference. Since about 1973, digits have been used for primary references and letters for secondary references.