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2013BEZP      Monographie BIPM-5, vol.7, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (2013)

M.-M.Be, V.Chiste, C.Dulieu, X.Mougeot, V.P.Chechev, F.G.Kondev, A.L.Nichols, X.Huang, B.Wang

Table of Radionuclides (Vol. 7 - A = 14 to 245)

COMPILATION 14C, 35S, 36Cl, 37Ar, 45Ca, 67,68Ga, 68Ge, 127Sb, 127Te, 134Cs, 141Ce, 147Nd, 147Pm, 195Au, 206Hg, 207,208,209Tl, 211Pb, 211At, 213,215Bi, 228Th, 242,243,244,245Cm; compiled experimental decay data and their uncertainties, T1/2, X-rays.

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