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2006BEZL      Monographie BIPM-5, Vol.3, Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (2006)

M.M.Be, V.Chiste, C.Dulieu, E.Browne, C.Baglin, V.Chechev, N.Kuzmenko, R.Helmer, F.Kondev, D.MacMahon, K.B.Lee

Table of Radionuclides (Vol.3 - A = 3 to 244)

COMPILATION 3H, 55Fe, 56,60Co, 63Ni, 65Zn, 79Se, 90Sr, 90,90mY, 108,108mAg, 111In, 125Sb, 137Cs, 153Sm, 159Gd, 203Pb, 233Pa, 233Th, 234,237,238U, 236,236mNp, 242,244Cm, 243Am; compiled, evaluated decay data.

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