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2024UV01      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 207, 111258 (2024)

V.L.Uvarov, A.A.Zakharchenko, N.P.Dikiy, Yu.V.Lyashko, R.I.Pomatsalyuk

A method of determining the bremsstrahlung flux-weighted average photonuclear cross section

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 100Mo, 58Ni(γ, n), E=40.7-93.9 MeV; measured reaction products, Eγ, Iγ; deduced the flux-weighted averaged σ, effect of bremsstrahlung converter thickness on photon flux-weighted average (PFWA) cross section. Comparison with the EXFOR library, TALYS calculations. Electron linac LUE-40 of NSC KIPT (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2024.111258
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2023UV01      Appl.Radiat.Isot. 199, 110890 (2023)

V.L.Uvarov, A.A.Zakharchenko, N.P.Dikiy, R.I.Pomatsalyuk, Yu.V.Lyashko

Development and validation of an analytical model of isotope production by bremsstrahlung radiation

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 58Ni, 100Mo(γ, n), E<35 MeV; measured reaction data, Eγ, Iγ; deduced yields and uncertainties. Comparison with calculations and available data. The electron linac LU-40 of NSC KIPT.

doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2023.110890
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1995LY03      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 59, 111 (1995)

Yu.V.Lyashko, A.S.Deineko, N.A.Shlyakhov, R.P.Slabospitsky, P.P.Diky

Reaction 9Be(dp)10Be at Polarized Deutron Energy Up to 3 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9Be(polarized d, p), E=2.5-3 MeV; measured vector analyzing power vs θ, E; deduced model parameters; deduced 11B GDR role. DWBA+R matrix theories.

1994LY02      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 58, 1915 (1994)

Yu.V.Lyashko, A.S.Deineko, N.P.Diky, R.P.Slabospitsky, N.A.Shlyakhov

Vector Analyzing Power of 9Be(dt) and 9Be(dα) Reactions at Deuteron Energies up to 3 MeV

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9Be(polarized d, t), (polarized d, α), E=1.3-3.1 MeV; measured vector analyzing power vs θ, E; deduced direct, resonant interactions interference evidence. 11B deduced intermediate structure. DWBA, R-matrix analyses.

1988DE34      Phys.Rev. C38, 1975 (1988)

A.S.Demiyanova, A.A.Ogloblin, Yu.V.Lyashko, V.V.Adodin, N.Burtebaev, S.N.Ershov, F.A.Gareev, P.P.Korovin, J.M.Bang, S.A.Goncharov, J.S.Vaagen

Observation of a Nuclear Rainbowlike Phenomenon in the (3He, t) Charge-Exchange Reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 14C(3He, t), (3He, 3He), E=72 MeV; measured σ(θ); deduced model parameters, nuclear rainbow. DWBA analysis.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.38.1975
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1986AN05      Yad.Fiz. 43, 286 (1986)

Yu.P.Antufyev, V.I.Borovlev, G.L.Vysotsky, A.S.Deineko, Yu.V.Lyashko, V.E.Storizhko, A.I.Tutubalin, C.Hategan, N.A.Shlyakhov

On Manifestation of Isobar-Analog Channel Coupling in the Excitation Function of Reaction 30Si(d(pol), p1)31Si

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 28Si(polarized d, p), E=1.9-2.6 MeV; measured vector analyzing power vs θ, E; deduced Lane potential parameters, isobar-analog channel coupling.

1980DE43      Izv.Akad.Nauk SSSR, Ser.Fiz. 44, 2375 (1980)

A.S.Deineko, Yu.V.Lyashko, I.Ya.Malakhov, V.D.Sarana, V.E.Storizhko, N.A.Shlyakhov

Vector Analyzing Power in the Reaction 9Be(d(pol), α)7Li at Low Deuteron Energies

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 9Be(polarized d, α), E=1.4-2.6 MeV; measured σ(θ, E), vector analyzing power vs θ.

Data from this article have been entered in the EXFOR database. For more information, access X4 datasetF0266.

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