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1999ER02      Yad.Fiz. 62, No 1, 42 (1999); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 62, 37 (1999)

R.A.Eramzhyan, G.G.Ryzhikh, Yu.M.Tchuvilsky

Antisymmetrization in the Multicluster Dynamical Model of Nuclei and Nucleon-Exchange Effects

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li, 6He; calculated charge radii, Q, μ. Antisymmetrized multicluster dynamical model.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(e, e), (e, e'), E not given; calculated form factors. 6Li(μ-, ν), E not given; calculated capture rate. 6Li(π+, π+), (π+, π+'), E=134 MeV; 6Li(γ, π+), E=320 MeV; calculated σ(θ), analyzing power. Antisymmetrized multicluster dynamical model. Comparison with data.

RADIOACTIVITY 6He(β-); calculated log ft. Antisymmetrized multicluster dynamical model.

1999GN01      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 63, 1 (1999)

I.A.Gnilozub, G.G.Ryzhikh, R.A.Eramzhian, N.P.Yudin

Polarization Characteristics of Light Nuclei in the Multicluster Dynamic Model

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(e, e'), E=400 MeV; calculated asymmetries and polarization ratios.

1998RY03      J.Phys.(London) B31, 3965 (1998)

G.G.Ryzhikh, J.Mitroy, K.Varga

The Structure of Exotic Atoms Containing Positrons and Positronium

ATOMIC PHYSICS Li, Be, Na, Mg; calculated positronic atoms positron probability densities.

doi: 10.1088/0953-4075/31/17/019
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1996RY06      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 60, 1734 (1996)

G.G.Ryzhikh, Yu.M.Chuvilsky, A.E.Shkolnikov, R.A.Eramzhyan

Shell Expansion of the Wave Function in a Multicluster Dynamical Model with Antisymmetrization

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated wave functions; deduced nucleon form factors, spectroscopic factors. Multicluster dynamical model, expansion in terms of multiparticle oscillator shell model.

1995KU08      Nucl.Phys. A586, 151 (1995)

V.I.Kukulin, V.N.Pomerantsev, Kh.D.Razikov, V.T.Voronchev, G.G.Ryzhikh

Detailed Study of the Cluster Structure of Light Nuclei in a Three-Body Model (IV). Large Space Calculation for A = 6 Nuclei with Realistic Nuclear Forces

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated charge, mass rms radii, quadrupole moment, levels, Γγ. 6Be, 6He; calculated levels, mass rms radii. Three-body α+2N model.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(e, e), (e, e'), E not given; calculated longitudinal form factors. Three-body α+2N model.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(94)00494-8
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1995RY01      Phys.Rev. C51, 3240 (1995); Erratum Phys.Rev. C53, 2560 (1996)

G.G.Ryzhikh, R.A.Eramzhyan, S.Shlomo

α-d Capture with Formation of 6Li and the Isoscalar E1 Multipole

NUCLEAR REACTIONS, ICPND 2H(α, γ), E(cm) ≤ 4 MeV; calculated σ(E), σ(θ). Multi-cluster dynamic model.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.51.3240
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1994RI06      Phys.Rev. C49, 3117 (1994)

S.Ritt, E.Boschitz, B.Brinkmoller, J.Buhler, R.Meier, M.Wessler, J.A.Konter, S.Mango, B.van den Brandt, S.S.Kamalov, R.A.Eramzhyan, G.G.Ryzhikh

Polarization Observables in π+ 6Li Scattering: Analyzing powers iT11 and τ22

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(π+, π+), (π+, π+'), E=120-194 MeV; measured σ(θ), iT11(θ), T22(θ), T20(θ). Coupled-channels model analyses. Polarized target.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.49.3117
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1994VO21      Yad.Fiz. 57, No 11, 1964 (1994); Phys.Atomic Nuclei 57, 1890 (1994)

V.T.Voronchev, V.I.Kukulin, V.N.Pomerantsev, Kh.D.Razikov, G.G.Ryzhikh

Analysis of the Structure and Properties of Nuclei with A = 9 (9Be-9Be) in the Dynamic Multicluster 2α + N Model

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 9B; calculated levels. 9Be; calculated levels, μ, quadrupole moment, charge, magnetic form factors, clustering probabilities. Dynamic multi-cluster 2α+N model.

1993KU27      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 57, 1696 (1993)

V.I.Kukulin, G.G.Ryzhikh, Yu.M.Chuvilsky, R.A.Eramzhyan

Prohibition and Suppression of Multicluster States by Pauli Principle in the Dynamical Approach

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated reduced transition probability, rms charge radius, quadrupole moment. Multi-cluster dynamical model.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(e, e), E not given; calculated transverse form factor. Multi-cluster dynamical model.

RADIOACTIVITY 6He(β-); calculated β-decay ft. Multi-cluster dynamical model.

1993RY01      Nucl.Phys. A563, 247 (1993)

G.G.Ryzhikh, R.A.Eramzhyan, V.I.Kukulin, Yu.M.Tchuvilsky

Properties of a Six-Nucleon System in a Multicluster Dynamic Model with Antisymmetrization

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated levels, Γ. Multi-cluster dynamic model, Pauli projection.

RADIOACTIVITY 6He(β-); calculated β-decay matrix element. Multi-cluster dynamic model, Pauli projection.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 6Li(e, e), (e, e'), E not given; calculated longitudinal, transverse form factors. Multi-cluster dynamic model, Pauli projection.

doi: 10.1016/0375-9474(93)90604-V
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1992RY03      Bull.Rus.Acad.Sci.Phys. 56, 24 (1992)

G.G.Ryzhikh, Yu.M.Tchuvilsky

Spectroscopic Factor of the 6Li → t + 3He Channel in α-2N-Model with Antisymmetrization

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated t+3He channel spectroscopic factor. Three-body α+2N model.

1990RY07      Izv.Akad.Nauk SSSR, Ser.Fiz. 54, 2276 (1990); Bull.Acad.Sci.USSR, Phys.Ser. 54, No.11, 188 (1990)

G.G.Ryzhikh, Yu.M.Chuvilsky

Spectroscopic Factor of the 6Li → α + d Channel in the α + 2N Model with Antisymmetrization

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated (α+d) channel spectroscopic factor. Shell, cluster models, three-body, antisymmetrization.

1989ER07      Phys.Lett. 228B, 1 (1989)

R.A.Eramzhyan, G.G.Ryzhikh, V.I.Kukulin, Yu.M.Tchuvilsky

Exchange and Correlation Effects in the Electromagnetic Structure of Light Nuclei

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li; calculated transverse, longitudinal form factors. Multi-cluster dynamic model, microscopic version.

doi: 10.1016/0370-2693(89)90514-5
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1989KU21      Izv.Akad.Nauk SSSR, Ser.Fiz. 53, 121 (1989); Bull.Acad.Sci.USSR, Phys.Ser. 53, No.1, 118 (1989)

V.I.Kukulin, G.G.Ryzhikh, Yu.M.Chuvilsky, R.A.Eramzhyan

Correlational and Exchange Effects in the Electromagnetic Form Factors of Light Nuclei within the Framework of the Multicluster Dynamic Model

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 6Li, 4He; calculated electromagnetic form factors. Shell, multi-cluster dynamic models.

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