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1959SO14      Zhur.Eksptl.i Teoret.Fiz. 36, 1012 (1959); Soviet Phys.JETP 9, 717 (1959)

A.N.Sosnovskii, P.E.Spivak, Y.A.Prokofev, I.E.Kutikov, Y.P.Dobrynin

Measurement of the Neutron Half-Life

1959SO15      Nuclear Phys. 10, 395 (1959)

A.N.Sosnovsky, P.E.Spivak, Y.A.Prokofiev, I.E.Kutikov, Y.P.Dobrinin

Measurement of the Neutron Life-Time

doi: 10.1016/0029-5582(59)90228-7
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1958SO13      Zhur.Eksptl.i Teoret. 35, 1059 (1958); Soviet Phys.JETP 8, 739 (1959)

A.N.Sosnovskii, P.E.Spivak, Y.A.Prokofev, I.E.Kutikov, Y.P.Dobrynin

Measurements of Neutron Half Life

1955SP75      Proc.U.N.Intern.Conf.Peaceful Uses Atmic Energy, Geneva 2, 33 (1955)

P.E.Spivak, A.N.Sosnovsky, A.Y.Prokofiev, V.S.Sokolov

Investigation of Neutron Beta Decay

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