author="N. A. {Burgov} and A. E. {Buklei} and M. K. {Vlasov} and L. S. {Vorobev} and S. A. {Gerzon} and Yu. T. {Kiselev} and G. A. {Leksin} and A. N. {Martemyanov} and V. L. {Novikov} and N. A. {Pivnyuk} and S. V. {Semenov} and V. L. {Stolin} and Yu. V. {Terekhov} and M. M. {Chumakov} and N. A. {Fedyushkina}",
  title="Production of Protons and Deuterons in Nuclei at Angles Near 100$^\circ$ and 130$^\circ$ in Inclusive Reactions Induced by $\pi ^{+}$ and $\pi ^{-}$ Mesons with Momenta 1.5 GeV / c",
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