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Chin.Phys.C 45, 030003 (2021)

M.Wang, W.J.Huang, F.G.Kondev, G.Audi, S.Naimi

The AME 2020 atomic mass evaluation (II). Tables, graphs and references

ATOMIC MASSES A=1-295; compiled, evaluated atomic masses, mass excess, β-, ββ and ββββ-decay, binding, neutron and proton separation energies, decay and reaction Q-value data.

doi: 10.1088/1674-1137/abddaf


Phys.Rev. C 106, L031301 (2022)

Yu.Ts.Oganessian, V.K.Utyonkov, N.D.Kovrizhnykh, F.Sh.Abdullin, S.N.Dmitriev, D.Ibadullayev, M.G.Itkis, D.A.Kuznetsov, O.V.Petrushkin, A.V.Podshibiakin, A.N.Polyakov, A.G.Popeko, R.N.Sagaidak, L.Schlattauer, I.V.Shirokovski, V.D.Shubin, M.V.Shumeiko, D.I.Solovyev, Yu.S.Tsyganov, A.A.Voinov, V.G.Subbotin, A.Yu.Bodrov, A.V.Sabelnikov, A.V.Khalkin, V.B.Zlokazov, K.P.Rykaczewski, T.T.King, J.B.Roberto, N.T.Brewer, R.K.Grzywacz, Z.G.Gan, Z.Y.Zhang, M.H.Huang, H.B.Yang

First experiment at the Super Heavy Element Factory: High cross section of 288Mc in the 243Am + 48Ca reaction and identification of the new isotope 264Lr

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 243Am(48Ca, 2n)289Mc, (48Ca, 3n)288Mc, (48Ca, 4n), E=239.1, 240.9, 243.9 MeV; measured evaporation residues (ER), α, and fission fragments (SF), (ER)α-coin, αα-coin, α(SF)-coin, ER(SF)-coin, production σ(E) for superheavy nuclei using gas-filled separator DGFRS-2, two double-sided strip detectors (DSSD), two multiwire proportional chambers (MWPC) at the DC280 cyclotron facility of the Super Heavy Element Factory of JINR-Dubna.

RADIOACTIVITY 288,289Mc, 284,285Nh, 280,281Rg, 276Mt, 272Bh, 268Db(α); 281Rg, 277Mt, 268Db, 264Lr(SF)[from 243Am(48Ca, xn)]; measured Eα, ESF, (ER)α-coin, αα-coin, α(SF)-coin, ER(SF)-coin, T1/2. 268Db; deduced α/SF branching ratio. 264Lr; deduced new isotope, T1/2, average decay properties. 288Mc, 284Nh(EC), (β+); discussed upper limit for decay mode. History of 55 correlated events observed for 288Mc and six for 289Mc is listed by authors in the Supplemental material of the paper.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.L031301