Dataset referencing 2022TE01

Eur.Phys.J. A 58, 52 (2022)

M.S.Tezekbayeva, A.V.Yeremin, A.I.Svirikhin, A.Lopez-Martens, M.L.Chelnokov, V.I.Chepigin, A.V.Isaev, I.N.Izosimov, A.V.Karpov, A.A.Kuznetsova, O.N.Malyshev, R.S.Mukhin, A.G.Popeko, Yu.A.Popov, V.A.Rachkov, B.S.Sailaubekov, E.A.Sokol, K.Hauschild, H.Jacob, R.Chakma, O.Dorvaux, M.Forge, B.Gall, K.Kessaci, B.Andel, S.Antalic, A.Bronis, P.Mosat

Study of the production and decay properties of neutron-deficient nobelium isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 249,250,250m,251No(α)[from 204Pb(48Ca, xn), E=225.2, 230.0, 237.0, 242.0, 246.0 MeV]; 245Fm, 245Es, 241Cf(α)[from 249No α decay]; measured decay products, Eα, Iα, (evaporation residues)α-corelations using SHELS separator and the GABRIELA detector system at FLNR-JINR-Dubna; deduced T1/2, production σ for 249No, an upper limit on the fission branch. 245Fm(EC), (β+); deduced branching ratio for ϵ+β+ decay mode. Comparison with previous experimental results.

doi: 10.1140/epja/s10050-022-00707-9

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Nuclide Dataset Last Revised References
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245 Es ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-05 All references
245 Fm ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-05 All references
249NO A DECAY 2023-05 All references
249 No ADOPTED LEVELS 2024-03 All references
253RF A DECAY (9.9 MS) 2024-03 All references
204PB(48CA,3N) 2024-03 All references

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Nuclide Dataset Last Revised References
241 Cf 245FM A DECAY:XUNDL-1 2024-01 All references
249 No 204PB(48CA,3N):XUNDL-2 2024-01 All references

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