Dataset referencing 2021MU04

Phys.Rev. C 103, 044313 (2021)

I.A.Muzalevskii, A.A.Bezbakh, E.Yu.Nikolskii, V.Chudoba, S.A.Krupko, S.G.Belogurov, D.Biare, A.S.Fomichev, E.M.Gazeeva, A.V.Gorshkov, L.V.Grigorenko, G.Kaminski, O.Kiselev, D.A.Kostyleva, M.Yu.Kozlov, B.Mauyey, I.Mukha, Yu.L.Parfenova, W.Piatek, A.M.Quynh, V.N.Schetinin, A.Serikov, S.I.Sidorchuk, P.G.Sharov, N.B.Shulgina, R.S.Slepnev, S.V.Stepantsov, A.Swiercz, P.Szymkiewicz, G.M.Ter-Akopian, R.Wolski, B.Zalewski, M.V.Zhukov

Resonant states in 7H: Experimental studies of the 2H(8He, 3He) reaction

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(8He, 3He)7H, E=26 MeV/nucleon; 2H(10Be, 3He)9Li, [secondary 8He and 10Be beams from 9Be(11B, X), E=33.4 MeV/nucleon, and 9Be(15N, X), E=49.7 MeV/nucleon, respectively, followed by fragment separation by ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator at the U-400M cyclotron of FLNR, JINR, Dubna]; measured recoil 3He particles, (3He)(3H)- and (3He)n-coin using two identical ΔE-E-E single-sided silicon-detector telescopes for 3He, a square array of 16 CsI(Tl) crystals for tritons from the decay of 7H, and a neutron spectrometer of 48 organic scintillator modules for the (10Be, 3He) reaction. 7H; deduced missing mass spectra, center-of-mass angular distributions, levels, resonances, J, π, widths. 9Li; deduced excitation spectrum. Comparison with previous experimental results. Angular distributions analyzed using DWBA/FRESCO calculations.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.103.044313

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