Dataset referencing 2020IS03

Phys.Rev. C 101, 024607 (2020)

M.Ismail, A.Adel

Prediction of α-decay chains and cluster radioactivity of 300-304121 and 302-306122 isotopes using the double-folding potential

RADIOACTIVITY 300,301,302,303,304121, 296,297,298,299,300119, 292,293,294,295,296Ts, 288,289,290,291,292Mc, 284,285,286,287,288Nh, 280,281,282,283,284Rg, 276,277,278,279,280Mt, 272,273,274,275,276Bh, 268,269,270,271,272Db, 264,265,266,267,268Lr(α); 302,303,304,305,306122, 298,299,300,301,302120, 294,295,296,297,298Og, 290,291,292,293,294Lv, 286,287,288,289,290Fl, 282,283,284,285,286Cn, 278,279,280,281,282Ds, 274,275,276,277,278Hs, 270,271,272,273,274Sg, 266,267,268,269,270Rf(α); calculated α-decay half-lives using the density-dependent cluster model, with the α-nucleus potential from the double-folding model with a realistic NN interaction. Comparison with three semiempirical formulas: the Viola-Seaborg-Sobiczewski formula, the modified Brown formula, and the one based on fission theory. N=165-177; compared theoretical and experimental α-decay half-lives. N=288-342, Z=121; N=292-342, Z=122; calculated correlation between the logarithm of the α-preformation factor, Sα, and the fragmentation potential for odd-odd Z=121 and even-even Z=122 nuclei. 300121, 302122(α), (16O), (28Mg), (32Si), (68Ni), (76Zn), (79Ga), (80Ge), (83As), (84Se), (85Br), (86Kr), (89Rb), (90Sr), (91Sr), (92Sr), (93Sr), (94Sr), (96Y), (96Zr), (99Nb), (102Mo); calculated Q values, α-decay and cluster decay half-lives within the double-folding model based on M3Y-Paris NN interaction, unified formula (UF), Horai's scaling law, and the universal decay law (UDL).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.101.024607

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