Dataset referencing 2019IS06

J.Phys.(London) G46, 075105 (2019)

M.Ismail, A.Adel

α-decay chains and cluster radioactivity of 295-299119 and 298-302120 isotopes using zero- and finite-range NN interactions

RADIOACTIVITY 295119, 291Ts, 287Mc, 283Nh, 279Rg, 275Mt, 271Bh, 267Db, 263Lr, 259Md, 296119, 292Ts, 288Mc, 284Nh, 280Rg, 276Mt, 272Bh, 268Db, 264Lr, 260Md, 297119, 293Ts, 289Mc, 285Nh, 281Rg, 277Mt, 273Bh, 269Db, 265Lr, 261Md, 298119, 294Ts, 290Mc, 286Nh, 281Rg, 278Mt, 274Bh, 270Db, 266Lr, 262Md, 299119, 295Ts, 291Mc, 287Nh, 283Rg, 279Mt, 275Bh, 271Db, 267Lr, 263Md, 298120, 294Og, 290Lv, 286Fl, 282Cn, 278Ds, 274Hs, 270Sg, 266Rf, 262No, 299120, 295Og, 291Lv, 287Fl, 283Cn, 279Ds, 275Hs, 271Sg, 267Rf, 263No, 300120, 296Og, 292Lv, 288Fl, 284Cn, 280Ds, 276Hs, 272Sg, 268Rf, 264No, 301120, 297Og, 293Lv, 289Fl, 285Cn, 281Ds, 277Hs, 273Sg, 269Rf, 265No, 302120, 298Og, 294Lv, 290Fl, 286Cn, 282Ds, 278Hs, 274Sg, 270Rf, 266No(α); calculated T1/2. Comparison with available data.

doi: 10.1088/1361-6471/ab1c28

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