Dataset referencing 2011HE11

Phys.Rev. C 83, 064317 (2011)

H.Hergert, P.Papakonstantinou, R.Roth

Quasiparticle random-phase approximation with interactions from the Similarity Renormalization Group

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 56Ca; calculated number operator response for nonspurious monopole states, isoscalar and isovector dipole strengths. 4He, 16,24O, 34Si, 40,48Ca, 56,68,78Ni, 88Sr, 90Zr, 100,114,132Sn, 146Gd, 208Pb; calculated ground-state energy per nucleon and charge radii. 16O, 40,48Ca, 100,132Sn; calculated proton and neutron spin-orbit splittings. 36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50,52,54,56,58,60Ca; calculated ground-state energies per nucleon, charge radii, odd-even mass differences, and pairing energies, isoscalar and isovector monopole, dipole and quadrupole responses, isoscalar monopole centroids and energies of the first excited 0+ states, centroids of isovector dipole response, isoscalar quadrupole centroids and energies of the first 2+ states. 40,48Ca; calculated single particle energies. 120Sn; calculated canonical single-neutron energies, isoscalar monopole response, running energy-weighted sums, centroid energies of the isoscalar monopole strength distribution. 50Ca; calculated proton and neutron transition densities for monopole peaks. 36,44Ca; calculated proton and neutron dipole transition densities. 54Ca; calculated proton and neutron quadrupole transition densities for a pygmy and a GQR mode. Quasiparticle random phase approximation built on the HFB ground states. Comparison with experimental data.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.83.064317

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56 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-12 All references
58 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-12 All references
60 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS 2023-12 All references
100 Sn ADOPTED LEVELS 2021-02 All references

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