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Proc.Intern.Symposium on Exotic Nuclei, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, 17-22 July, 2006, Yu.E.Penionzhkevich, E.A.Cherepanov, Eds. p.3 (2007); AIP Conf.Proc. 912 (2007)

S.Fortier, E.Tryggestad, E.Rich, D.Beaumel, E.Becheva, Y.Blumenfeld, F.Delaunay, A.Drouart, A.Fomichev, N.Frascaria, S.Gales, L.Gaudefroy, A.Gillibert, J.Guillot, F.Hammache, K.W.Kemper, E.Khan, V.Lapoux, V.Lima, L.Nalpas, A.Obertelli, E.C.Pollacco, F.Skaza, U.Datta Pramanik, P.Roussel-Chomaz, D.Santonocito, J.A.Scarpaci, O.Sorlin, S.V.Stepantsov, G.M.Ter Akopian, R.Wolski

Search for resonances in 4n, 7H and 9He via transfer reactions

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 2H(8He, p), (8He, α), (8He, 6Li), E=15.3 MeV/nucleon; measured charged particle energies and yields.

doi: 10.1063/1.2746575

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4 Nn ADOPTED LEVELS 2023-12 All references
7 H 2H(8HE,3HE) 2023-12 All references

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