Dataset referencing 2005WA15

Phys.Rev. C 71, 054323 (2005)

Z.Wang, Z.Ren

Systematic study of charge form factors of elastic electron-nucleus scattering with the relativistic eikonal approximation

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 12C, 16O, 32S, 34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50,52,54,56,58,60Ca, 48,50,52,54,56,58,60,62,64,66,68,70,72,74,76,78,80Ni; calculated charge densities, form factors, radii. Relativistic eikonal approximation.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 40Ca, 58Ni, 208Pb(e, e), E ≈ 400-500 MeV; calculated σ(θ).

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.71.054323

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34 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS:NOT OBSERVED 2012-06 All references
56 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-12 All references
58 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-12 All references
60 Ca ADOPTED LEVELS 2023-12 All references
74 Ni ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2017-09 All references
76 Ni ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2024-01 All references
78 Ni ADOPTED LEVELS 2009-10 All references
80 Ni ADOPTED LEVELS 2014-07 All references

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