Dataset referencing 1998ICZZ

Proc.Conf on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses, Bellaire, Michigan, June 23-27, 1998, p.540 (1998); AIP Conf.Proc. 455 (1998)

S.Ichikawa, K.Tsukada, M.Asai, A.Osa, M.Sakama, Y.Kojima, M.Shibata, I.Nishinaka, Y.Nagame, Y.Oura, K.Kawade

β-Decay Half-Lives of New Neutron-Rich Lanthanide Isotopes

RADIOACTIVITY 159Pm, 161Sm, 165Gd, 166,167,168Tb(β-) [from 238U(p, F)]; measured T1/2. Mass separator, gas-jet transport. Comparison with model predictions.

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159 Pm ADOPTED LEVELS, GAMMAS 2023-12 All references
159 Sm 159PM B- DECAY (1.634 S) 2023-12 All references
159PM B- DECAY 2012-01 All references
165 Gd ADOPTED LEVELS 2024-01 All references
167 Dy 167TB B- DECAY (18.9 S) 2023-09 All references

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