Archival of New Products

Recent achievements and products of the National Nuclear Data Center.
USNDP/CSEWG GForge Server Covariance Workshop Sigma Web Interface ENDF/B-VIII.0 Beta 2
January 2010June 2008Apr 2007Aug 2016
ENDF/B-VII.0 paper One Million Retrievals Atlas of Neutron Resonances Nuclear Data Portal
Dec 2006 Oct 2006Apr 2006 Apr 2004

Products Under Preparation

Expected Release Product Name Product Description
November 2016Nuclear Data Week at BNL CSEWG & USNDP meetings, November 14-18, 2016

Released Products

Release Date Product Name Product Description
December 2015ENSDF Archivals Archived ENSDF Distributions
NSCL Code Depository
November 2011Nuclear Data Week at BNL CSEWG & USNDP meetings, November 14-18, 2011
October 2011Emerging Needs for Nuclear Data DNP 2011, Nuclear Data Mini-Symposium
August 2011ENDF & ENSDF Codes ENDF & ENSDF Development Codes
June 2011Table of the Isotopes IUPAC Periodic Table of the Isotopes
June 2011NNDC front page An improved version of NNDC Web Interface
June 2011Summer Nuclear Data Week Summer Nuclear Data Week
March 2011Decay Heat Nuclear decay heat - the energy released by fission fragments
December 2010NSR Web Integration of NSR and EXFOR databases
November 2010CSEWG & USNDP 2010 Proceedings Electronic Proceedings of CSEWG & USNDP 2010
October 2010Sigma 3.2 Improved version of Sigma
January 2010USNDP - CSEWG GForge Server GForge Server for USNDP - CSEWG evaluators and code developers
December 2009CSEWG & USNDP 2009 Proceedings Electronic Proceedings of CSEWG & USNDP 2009
October 2009Sigma 3.1 Improved version of Sigma
August 2009ENDF-6 Formats Manual 2009 Updated version of ENDF-6 Formats Manual
July 2009NNDC Migration Project Migration NNDC Web Services from Sybase to MySQL RDBMS
June 2009WPEC 2009 Summer Nuclear Data Week
June 2009NSR An improved version of NSR Web Interface
March 2009ENSDF Analysis and Utility Programs An improved version of ENSDF Analysis and Utility Programs
February 2009Sigma v.3.0 An improved version of Sigma Web Interface
February 2009Low-Fidelity Covariances Neutron Cross Section Covariance Estimates for 387 Materials
February 2009ENDF Checking & Utility Codes ENDF Checking & Utility Codes
December 2008CSEWG & USNDP 2008 Proceedings Electronic Proceedings of CSEWG & USNDP 2008
December 2008Covariance Workshop 2008 Proceedings Special Issue on Workshop on Neutron Cross Section Covariances
April 2008Sigma v.2.0 An improved version of Sigma Web Interface
December 2007Astrophysical reaction rates calculation using ENDF/B, JEFF and JENDL libraries Calculated values of astrophysical reaction rates & Maxwellian-averaged cross sections
December 2007CSEWG & USNDP 2007 Proceedings Electronic Proceedings of CSEWG & USNDP 2007
April 2007Sigma Retrieval & Plotting New ENDF Web Interface
December 2006ENDF/B-VII.0 U.S. Evaluated Nuclear Data File, version VII.0
November 2006CSEWG & USNDP 2006 Proceedings Electronic Proceedings of CSEWG & USNDP 2006
October 2006NSR Recent References The "quarterly" PDF files with NSR updates
June 2006Thermal Neutron Capture γ's New Web Interface & Expanded Database Content
May 2006ββ Decay Data Double Beta Decay Database and Web Interface
April 2006Atlas of Neutron Resonances Neutron Resonance Parameters and Thermal Cross Sections
April 2006Chart of Nuclides Basic properties of atomic nuclei
March 2006BrIcc Band-Raman Internal Conversion Coefficients Calculator
February 2006Redesigned ENDF Web Interface Redesigned Nuclear Reaction Database Web Interfaces
December 2005CSEWG & USNDP 2005 Proceedings Electronic Proceedings of CSEWG & USNDP 2005
November 2005Superheavy Nuclides (A≥266) Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 266-294
October 2005B(E2; 0+ → 2+) Values Recent data on electric quadrupole transition probabilities
September 2005HSICC, Logft Nuclear Structure Calculational Tools HSICC and Logft
May 2005Q-value Calculator Latest version of popular NNDC application
March 2005Empire 2.19 Nuclear Reaction Model Code
March 2005Impact of Nuclear Data Nuclear Data for Homeland Security, Use of USNDP Databases
March 2005IRDF-2002 International Reactor Dosimetry File
January 2005NuDat 2.1 Nuclear Structure & Decay Web Application upgrade
December 2004NNDC Article Paper Describing NNDC Nuclear Data Services
April 2004Nuclear Data Portal Flagship of NNDC Web Services

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