ENDF Utility Codes version 7.02

The version 7.02 of the ENDF Utility Codes corrects all bugs reported to NNDC as of April 1, 2005 and supercedes all previous releases. Three codes CHECKR, STANEF, and INTER were actually ported from the 7.01 release without any change (therefore they will identify themselves as 7.01 in the output). A detailed log of changes can be found at the begining of the respective FORTRAN sources. The suite of ENDF utility codes includes:

  • CHECKR - Format Checking Code
  • FIZCON - Procedures & Simple Physics Checking Code
  • PSYCHE - More complicated physics checking code
  • INTER - Calculates selected cross sections and integrals
  • STANEF - Creates directory, adds tape label & converts numeric fields Converts to binary format

Provided are FORTRAN95 sources as well as Linux and MS Windows binaries compiled and staticaly linked using Lahey/Fujitsu Pro 6.2 in case of Linux and Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 in case of Windows. Each of the codes features interactive interface for supplying required input. FORTRAN95 sources can be used to derive sources for other platforms by using the SETMDC code.

The four programs present in the 6.13 release: GETMAT, LISTEF, PLOTEF and SETMDC are no longer mantained and available upon request.

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