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  The Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF) formats and procedures are used all over the world to encode nuclear reaction data evaluations for use in nuclear research and technology. The ENDF manuals are maintained by CSEWG, the Cross Section Evaluation Working Group.  

Introduction to ENDF Formats          The best tutorial on ENDF-6 formats. Written by Bob MacFarlane (T-16, LANL),
top ENDF expert and author of the celebrated processing code NJOY.
ENDF-6 Formats Manual      Official CSEWG document (ENDF-102), describing ENDF-6 formats
and procedures used in the ENDF/B-VI library.
New ENDF/B-VII library (2006) uses these formats and procedures as well.
ENDF/B-VI Summary Documentation      CSEWG document (ENDF-201), describing the 1996 release of ENDF/B-VI library and including
high energy ENDF/HE-VI. More recent releases, such as ENDF/B-VI.8 (October 2001),
are not described by this document.
Archival ENDF Manuals      Old ENDF-102 documents for the ENDF-6 and ENDF-5 formats.

Michal Herman. July 14, 2010