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Phys.Rev. C 76, 054307 (2007)

E.-W.Grewe, D.Frekers, S.Rakers, T.Adachi, C.Baumer, N.T.Botha, H.Dohmann, H.Fujita, Y.Fujita, K.Hatanaka, K.Nakanishi, A.Negret, R.Neveling, L.Popescu, Y.Sakemi, Y.Shimbara, Y.Shimizu, F.D.Smit, Y.Tameshige, A.Tamii, J.Thies, P.von Brentano, M.Yosoi, R.G.T.Zegers

(3He, t) reaction on the double β decay nucleus 48Ca and the importance of nuclear matrix elements

NUCLEAR REACTIONS 48Ca(3He, t), E=420 MeV; measured charged particles, angular distributions; calculated Gamow-Teller strengths. 48Sc; deduced levels, J, π. Compared with 48Ca(p, n), E=134 MeV and 48Ca(d, 2He), E=183 MeV reactions. 48Ca; implications for 2β decay.

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.76.054307

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