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The National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) collects, evaluates, and disseminates nuclear physics data for basic nuclear research and for applied nuclear technologies. The NNDC is a worldwide resource for nuclear data.

The information available to the users of NNDC services is the product of the combined efforts of the NNDC and cooperating data centers and other interested groups, both in the United States and worldwide.

The NNDC specializes in the following areas:

  • Nuclear structure and low-energy nuclear reactions,
  • Nuclear databases and information technology,
  • Nuclear data compilation and evaluation.

The current staff size of NNDC is 15, including 11 with a Ph.D degree. The group includes scientific, professional, and support staff. In addition, NNDC normally hosts 2-3 regular guest scientists and 1-2 short-term visiting scientists.

National Nuclear Data Center
Building 817
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973-5000
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Phone: (631) 344-2902
Fax:(631) 344-2806
E-mail: nndc@bnl.gov
Center Head Michal Herman (631) 344-2802 mwherman@bnl.gov
NNDC Office Letty Krejci (631) 344-5591 lkrejci@bnl.gov


For technical questions, please use the following list:

ENDF David Brown (631) 344-2814 dbrown@bnl.gov
Webmaster Timothy Johnson (631) 344-5084 johnsont@bnl.gov
Boris Pritychenko (631) 344-5091 pritychenko@bnl.gov
NuDat Alejandro Sonzogni (631) 344-5334 sonzogni@bnl.gov
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Nuclear Data Sheets
Jagdish K. Tuli (631) 344-5080 tuli@bnl.gov
Staff Member
Ramon Arcilla (631) 344-5086 arcilla@bnl.gov
David Brown (631) 344-2814 dbrown@bnl.gov
Michal Herman (631) 344-2802 mwherman@bnl.gov
Samuel Hoblit (631) 344-2164 hoblit@bnl.gov
Norman Holden* (631) 344-4268 holden@bnl.gov
Timothy Johnson (631) 344-5084 johnsont@bnl.gov
Letty Krejci (631) 344-5591 lkrejci@bnl.gov
Libby McCutchan (631) 344-5096 mccutchan@bnl.gov
Said F. Mughabghab** (631) 344-5085 mugabgab@bnl.gov
Gustavo Nobre (631) 344-5205 gnobre@bnl.gov
Boris Pritychenko (631) 344-5091 pritychenko@bnl.gov
Alejandro Sonzogni (631) 344-5334 sonzogni@bnl.gov
Joann Totans (631) 344-5209 totans@bnl.gov
Jagdish Tuli (631) 344-5080 tuli@bnl.gov

* Guest appointment
** Senior Physicist Emeritus
Electronic data retrieval statistics

The NNDC has provided remote electronic access to its databases and other information since 1986. Access via the Web started in 1994. The figure below shows the time evolution of the number of electronic retrievals - web, telnet and FTP - from 1986 to 2010.

Geographic Distribution for FY2013, as of June

Nuclear Data activities started at BNL in 1952 under the Brookhaven Neutron Cross Section Compilation Group, changed to the Sigma Center in 1961, which became the National Neutron Cross Section Center in 1967 and finally NNDC in 1977, providing a half-century of data and expertise to the world community. Heads of NNDC have been Sol Pearlstein (1977-1990), Charlie Dunford (1991-2001), Pavel Oblozinsky (2002-2009) and Michal Herman (2009- ). An updated version of full history document prepared on the 50th anniversary of the NNDC can be found here.


Covariance Workshop 2008 Sigma poster
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NNDC booth poster at PHYSOR 2006 conference (September 2006 version)
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NNDC booth poster at Nuclear Data 2004 conference in Santa Fe
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A poster about the NNDC (June 2002 version)
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