Medical Internal Radiation Dose Evaluated Nuclear (reaction) Data File Experimental nuclear reaction data Sigma Retrieval & Plotting Nuclear structure & decay Data Nuclear Science References Experimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File NNDC databases Ground and isomeric states properties Nuclear structure & decay data journal Nuclear reaction model code Tools and Publications US Nuclear Data Program Cross Section Evaluation Working Group Nuclear data networks Basic properties of atomic nuclei Parameters & thermal values Basic properties of atomic nuclei


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AMDC   Atomic Mass Data Center, Q-value Calculator Atlas of Neutron Resonances Parameters & thermal values CapGam  Thermal Neutron Capture γ-rays Chart of Nuclides   Basic properties of atomic nuclei
Covariances  of Neutron Reactions CSEWG  Cross Section Evaluation Working Group CSISRS alias EXFOR   Nuclear reaction experimental data Empire  Nuclear reaction model code system, Reference paper
ENDF  Evaluated Nuclear (reaction) Data File, Sigma ENSDF  Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File IRDF  International Reactor Dosimetry File MIRD   Medical Internal Radiation Dose
NMMSS & DoE NMIRDC Safeguards & inventory decay data standards NSR  Nuclear Science References Nuclear Data Sheets   Nuclear structure & decay data journal,
Special Issues on reaction data
Nuclear Wallet Cards   Ground & isomeric states properties,
Homeland Security version
NucRates   MACS & Astro-
physical reaction rates
NuDat   Nuclear structure & decay Data USNDP   U.S. Nuclear Data Program USNDP/CSEWG GForge  Collaboration Server
XUNDL  Experimental Un-
evaluated Nuclear Data List


Chart of Nuclides  Basic Properties of Atomic Nuclei

ENSDF  Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File

MIRD  Medical Internal Radiation Dose

NuDat Nuclear Structure & Decay Data

XUNDL  Experimental Unevaluated Nuclear Data List


BrIcc Band-Raman Internal Conversion Coefficents

ENSDF Codes Analysis and Utility Programs

HSIcc Hager-Seltzer Internal Conversion Coefficients

LOGFT  Analysis Program


Atomic Mass Evaluation

ββ-decay Double Beta Decay Data

B(E2) Reduced Transition Probabilities

DDEP Decay Data Evaluation Project

Evaluators' Corner Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Network

Nuclear Wallet Cards  Ground & Isomeric States Properties


ENSDF Manual Data Sets Preparation


CapGam Thermal Neutron Capture γ-rays

Palm Pilot Applications

Q-value Calculator

USNDP/CSEWG GForge Collaboration Server

Web tools for ENSDF evaluators 


CSISRS alias EXFOR Nuclear Reaction Experimental Data

ENDF Evaluated Nuclear (reaction) Data File

IRDF International Reactor Dosimetry File

RIPL-3 Reference Input Parameter Library

Sigma ENDF Retrieval & Plotting

Monitor Reactions IAEA recommended charged-particle cross sections


ABAREX Neutron Spherical Optical-Statistical-Model

Checking & Utility Codes

EMPIRE Nuclear Reaction Model Code

GEANT Simulation Toolkit

MCNP General Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code

PRECO-2006 Two-component Exciton Model

PREPRO-2012 Pre-processing

Reaction Codes Nuclear Theory


Atlas of Neutron Resonances Parameters & thermal values

Atomic Mass Evaluation

Covariances of Neutron Reactions


ENDF Manuals and Tutorial

Introduction to ENDF Formats 

ENDF-6 Formats 

ENDF/B-VI Summary Documentation 

Archival ENDF Manuals

EXFOR Basics  Short guide


CapGam Thermal Neutron Capture γ-rays

NucRates MACS and Astrophysical Reaction Rates

MyENDF Integrated Web Tool for Evaluators

Q-value Calculator

USNDP/CSEWG GForge Collaboration Server


CINDA Computer Index of Nuclear Reaction Data

NSR Nuclear Science References


NSR  Coding Manual

Resources  Cornell University Library

CERN Preprints  Document Server

Google Scholar Advanced Search

Office of Scientific & Technical Information 

SPIRES  High-Energy Physics Literature Database


NSR Prep  Data Sets Preparation

USNDP/CSEWG GForge  Collaboration Server

U.S. Networks

CSEWG Cross Section Evaluation Working Group

USNDP U.S. Nuclear Data Program


DNST Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

DNP Division of Nuclear Physics


Medical Applications
IAEA Nuclear Data Services

LANL T-2 Nuclear Info Service

JCPRG Hokkaido University Nuclear Reaction Data Centre

International Networks

DDEP Decay Data Evaluation Project

NRDC  The International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centers

NSDD The International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centers

WPEC Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation

Discussion Lists

ENDF Reactions

ENSDF Structure & Decay

Nuclear Astrophysics 

Nuclear Data Centers

ANL Nuclear Data

LBNL Isotopes Project

LLNL Nuclear Data

ORNL Nuclear Data Project

TUNL Nuclear Data

IAEA Vienna

NEA Paris

JAEA Tokai-mura

Educational Links

ABC of Nuclear Science Brief Introduction

History of Chemical Elements 

IUPAC Periodic Table Interactive Application

Nuclear Wall Chart Poster

T-2 Nuclear Information Service 

WebElements Online Periodic Table

Major Publications

Atlas of Neutron Resonances Parameters & thermal values

Nuclear Data Sheets   Nuclear Structure & Decay Data Journal

Nuclear Wallet Cards Ground & Isomeric States Properties


ENDF-6 Formats

ENDF/B-VI  Summary Documentation

ENSDF Data Sets Preparation

EXFOR Basics  Short guide

NSR  Coding Manual

Papers and Reports

Recent NNDC Papers 

Proceedings of Meetings



ND2013 Volume 1 

ND2013 Volume 2 

ND2013 Volume 3 

Promotional Materials

Atlas of Neutron Resonances Flyer

Major NNDC Poster 

Nuclear Data Portal Web Services

Nuclear Data Sheets Flyer

Various Papers

Citation Guidelines 

History of Elements by N. Holden

Magnetic Bands by Amita, B. Singh, P. Agarwal and A.K. Jain

Nuclear Moments by N.J. Stone

Quasiparticle Rotational Bands by S. Singh, S. Malik, A. Jain, B. Singh (published version).

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